New! Doc Converter Pro version 3…

We are pleased to release version 3 of Doc Converter Pro! This release brings lots of new features as well as overall improvements.

More PDF conversion options:

Doc Converter Pro can now convert PDF files to DOCX, RTF, ODT, DOC, TXT and Images.

When it comes to converting PDF files to HTML you have two options:

  1. Fixed HTML layout – this gives you the closest visual layout to your input document. This option is good for when you need to stick to the original layout as closely as possible. This kind of fixed HTML is not adapting to browser window size, but there is an option to set zoom ratio – you can control page size of your converted document in a browser.
  2. Flowing HTML5/XHTML/HTML4 – with this option you get simpler HTML code, but it will not look the same as your original document when viewing it in a browser. This kind of HTML adapts to browser window size and will show better on different screen sizes (mobile devices).

New feature: merge your document and image files

Want to merge some documents together? No problem. With version 3 you can do this will 2 clicks.

You can merge the following formats DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, JPG/PNG into one DOCX, PDF, RTF or TXT document. This is not just for text documents, you can also merge image files into one PDF, DOCX or RTF file.

Note: the merge feature does not use conversion templates at all. It’s a separate feature. We also have extra merge options for PDF files:

How to use the merge feature:

  1. Add input files you want to merge, optionally reorder them by dragging the left side handle next to each file
  2. Click the Merge All button
  3. select the output format
  4. Enter the output file name, if the file name field is empty we will create the output file based on the first input documents name and path. Also ‘merged’ will be added to the output file name.
  5. Click the Run Merge button
  6. That’s it!

New feature: compress or indent (prettify) your HTML

Doc Converter Pro can now either compress or indent (prettify) HTML output at the very end of the conversion process. Compression helps to reduce the size of your HTML files, and indenting makes your HTML more readable. By default, these options are turned off.

New feature: set a custom image files prefix

You can now set a custom image files prefix when converting your documents to HTML. For for example if you want all your images to have the prefix about eg about_3.png then you would enter about in the options box.  By default, the image file names are based on the input document file name.

New conversion templates:

  1. Convert to compressed HTML5‘ – reduce the size of your HTML files by removing line breaks, indentation etc.
  2. Convert to responsive HTML5‘ – create responsive HTML file (adapting to browser window size), useful when viewing HTML file on mobile devices.

Command-line mode changes:

Command-line mode is a feature of our business edition. It lets you automate your conversions.

To merge your documents into one use the following switch – /m pdf/docx/rtf/txt so for example to merge to a PDF file it would be /m pdf

If you want to convert more than one input files use the switch – /f file1 file2 file3 for example /f about.doc contact.doc

We have added  a /wait switch if you want to keep the console window open after a conversion. This is useful to check error messages.

Any existing Word Cleaner or Document Converter Pro user can upgrade to version 3 for half price. Click here now to upgrade.

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